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The National Dengue Control Unit

The National Dengue Control Unit is the focal point for the national dengue control programme in Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka. It was established in year 2005 as a decision taken by the Ministry of Health following the major DF/DHF outbreak in year 2004. It is responsible for the coordination of dengue control / prevention activities with different stakeholders.

Our Vision

To minimize the health, economic and social impact of the disease by reversing the rising trend of dengue.

Our Mission

To enhance the capacity at the National, Provincial, District and Divisional levels for better planning, prediction, early detection, prompt control, containment of outbreaks as well as epidemics through partnerships and application of coordinated efforts in sustainable manner.


To reduce endemicity to such an extent that it is no longer a major public health problem in Sri  Lanka

General Objective

To reduce morbidity and mortality due to dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever by 50% of that in 2009, by 2015

Specific Objectives

•    To increase the capacity of health sector to monitor trends and reduce dengue transmission
•    To strengthen capacity to implement effective integrated vector management
•    To increase health workers’ capacity to diagnose and treat patients and improve health-seeking behavior of communities
•    To promote collaboration among national health agencies and major stakeholders to implement dengue programmes
•    To increase capacity to predict, detect and respond to dengue outbreaks early

Expected Outputs

•    Strengthen Epidemiological surveillance of DF/DHF
•    Strengthen vector surveillance and integrated vector control  
•    Strengthen Laboratory surveillance
•    Improve DF/DHF case management
•    Enhance inter- sectoral collaboration & dengue control and prevention activities at National, provincial, district and divisional levels
•    Enhance community participation for sustainable DF/DHF control and prevention programme and outbreak response

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    பொதுமக்கள் சுகாதார கட்டடத்தொகுதி,
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