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Instructions to the patients

If Fever is present, always suspect as having dengue

1. Give a good/adequate rest

  • Never allow to do hard work or to be tired by any means

2. Give adequate liquids to drink

  • Milk, Fruit juice , Orange juice, Jeewani ,conjee, soup are suitable
  • Do not give only water all the time
  • Allow the patient to take usual solid foods if possible
  • Never give red/brown coloured foods/drinks or beverages

3. Keep eye on the number of times of passing urine

  • If the number of times of passing urine less than usual take the pa-tient to a hospital

4. If a child has fever,

  • Wet the body with normal water
  • Give Paracetamol recommended dose (for the age/weight) and 6hrly
  • Never give other drugs to reduce fever

Eg: Diclofinac/ Ibuprofen/Mefenamic Acid – Tablets / Syrups

5. If the fever continues for more than 2 days,

  • Take the patient to a hospital on the 3rd day and do a blood test (FBC)

6. Take the patient immediately to a hospital, if you notice these symptoms,

  • Inability to tolerate oral fluids (Repeated vomiting)
  • Refuse to eat /drink
  • Feeing extreme thirsty
  • Reduced number of times of passing urine/not passing urine more than 6 hrs
  • Abdominal pain
  • Drowsiness
  • Behavioral changes
  • Vomiting reddish or blackish stained vomits
  • Bleeding manifestation – Gum bleeding, red color urine
  • Dizziness /Giddiness( vertigo)
  • Pale looking
  • Cold limbs (arms and legs)