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Sri Lankan Situation

Dengue is an important vector-borne disease in Sri Lanka. First serologically confirmed case was reported in 1962 and the first documented dengue outbreak occurred in 1965- 1966, with few sporadic cases of haemorrhagic disease. According to the studies conducted at Medical Research Institute, there had being continued dengue transmission in 1970s and 1980s with periodic epidemics, without significant numbers of dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome.  
These studies showed that during 1980 and 1985, 14% to 24% of viral syndrome cases being caused by dengue infection and all four dengue serotypes were circulated with the predominance of DEN- 2 and DEN- 3.
Sri Lanka experienced first epidemic of Dengue Haemorrhagic fever / Dengue Shock Syndrome caused by DEN- 3 sero type in 1989 – 1990. It has been suggested that a genetic change occurred in the DEN -3 virus increasing its epidemic potential/virulence may have contributed to emergence of DHF/DSS after many years of its circulation. Since then progressively larger epidemics with more severe and fatal DHF/DSS have occurred at regular intervals.

DF/DHF became a notifiable disease since 1996 in Sri Lanka.

Following are the number of cases reported since 2002.

Year Cases
2002   8 931
2003   4 672
2004 15 463
2005   5 994
2006 11 980
2007   7 332
2008   6 607
2009 35 095
2010 34 105
2011 28 140
2012 44 456

Trend and Case fatality ratio Upto 2012

Temporal Spread by RDHS_1996gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_1997gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_1998gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_1999gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2000gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2001gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2002gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2003gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2004gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2005gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2006gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2007gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2008gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2009gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2010gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2011gk-is-189.pnglink by RDHS_2012gk-is-189.pnglink


Seasonality upto 2012